Child Care in Tasmania with NCN

Service Name: St Marys Child Care Centre Tasmania

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Quality Area 7


Northern Children Network has all the appropriate governance arrangements in place to manage the OSHC service at St Mary’s.

There is an intensive induction into the service and between all educators.

The service has experience, suitably trained and fit and proper person/educators to lead and conduct the program at the school site.

The service has already established clear goals, and expectations.

The service has appropriate locked storage space to keep all confidential documents of children, families and service.

NCN has appropriate administration systems in place to support and maintain an effective operations, all admin processes occur in NCN’s head office at Amy Road, parents can obtain information from head office in regards to their account and enrolment, bookings e.c.t from Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm or at the St Mary’s Child Care Centre due to OSHC service not being open until 2.30 each day.

Educators within NCN have extensive opportunities to attend training and receive support from their co-workers and service manager.

Exceeding Themes:


Informed by Critical Reflection

Community / Families Engagement