Child Care in Tasmania with NCN

Service Name: St Marys Child Care Centre Tasmania

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Quality Area 6


NCN has an extensive process where all updating of information is completed annually.

All NCN enrolments include details of children and families that meet the NQF.

Any changes of details can be made as needed and changes are made by our administration department or the parent online.

Parents are taken through an induction into the service and the service procedures are discussed, the families are given opportunities to review and discuss any issues in relation to care practices and view policies.

Current and up to date information will be available for all families.

The St Mary’s OSHC service is building strong links with the school and the community.


To gain more enrolments to make the service viable.

Exceeding Themes:


Informed by Critical Reflection

Community / Families Engagement


Issue Identified: Low enrolment numbers

Element: 6.2.3

Outcome: More enrolled families using the service

Priority: High


Advertise throughout the community and school

Letter to parents informing them of low enrolment issue.

Success Measure: When we have higher enrolments and service is financially viable

By When: ASAP 2019

Progress Notes:


July 2019

Current enrolments are too low to meet the viability of the service so letters will go out to the community and families at the start of the new term to see if we can gain more interest and enrolments.

Letter of Mid term three closure has been sent out to all enrolled families and fam,ilies enrolled in our LDC service.

Letter shared on Facebook and school has promised to share it via email or newsletter.

Sebastian (CBS Manager) spoke to ECU about possibly voluntarily suspending license if we have interest for next year but not this.