Child Care in Tasmania with NCN

Service Name: St Marys Child Care Centre Tasmania

Centre Page Quality Improvement Program

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Quality Area 4


Our program has a local and dedicated team of educators who support the families and children of their own community.

Educators are actively engaged in ongoing up skills with training and updating their own qualifications.

The service has educators who are appropriately qualified and hold all the current relevant certificates.

The NCN organisation supports and reflects on an individual’s performance through regular direct feedback and a formal performance appraisal process.

The service has an extensive package of policies that cover the code of ethics and working practices.

Regular staff meetings are schedule and professional interactions with NCN Educational Leader on the direction of programming in reference to NQF and My Time Our Place Framework.

The service will maintain correct ratios’ between educators and children at all times.


To gain a bigger team of Educators as this will allow one Educator to become directly focused on After School Care.

Exceeding Themes:


Informed by Critical Reflection

Community / Families Engagement


Issue Identified: Mixed Educators and Low staffing available

Element: 4.1.2

Outcome: An Educator that is solely focused on After School Care

Priority: High



Word of mouth



Success Measure: When we have a focused Educator for After School Care

By When: ASAP 2019

Progress Notes:

March 2019: ASC educator resigned.