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Service Name: St Marys Child Care Centre Tasmania

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St Marys After School Care prides it’s self in offering children an environment that offers space for rest, comfort and play. The children have access to blankets and cushions and a quiet space within the service to get away from the hustle and bustle.

The menu for the week consists of healthy options and the likes and dislikes of each child. We also incorporate at least one day a week – Wednesday – where it is a cooking and/or hot food day, the children call this ‘Winter Wednesday’ The food or option for Winter Wednesday is discussed as a group and is chosen by the group the day before or a week before so the ingredients can be brought.

Educators are up to date with their First Aid Certificates including Asthma and Anaphylaxis and if an incident, injury or near miss happens Educators have access to the forms they are required to complete.

Educator to child ratios and High supervision are maintained at all times.

Appropriate permission forms are completed when required.

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