Child Care in Tasmania with NCN

Service Name: St Marys Child Care Centre Tasmania

Centre Page Quality Improvement Program

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Quality Area 1


All programs are based on the children’s interests and once a program is in place Educators will source information and materials to extend the children’s knowledge, ideas and engagement.


  • Use program formats
  • Encourage the children to regularly fill in their personal profile books
  • Encourage all Educators to know and understand the program

Exceeding Themes:


Informed by Critical Reflection

Community / Families Engagement


Issue Identified: Assessment and planning cycles

Element: 1.3.1

Outcome: To be able to show full assessment and planning cycles

Priority: High


Ensure when the programs are being run that time is allocated to an Educator to complete the assessment and planning cycle.

Success Measure: When a full cycle can clearly been seen and understood

By When: ASAP 2019

Progress Notes:

Issue Identified: Lack of recorded critical reflection

Element: 1.3.2

Outcome: To see critical reflection on all programs and the children’s personal profile books

Priority: High


Sit with the children of an afternoon once a week and talk about what the program is about and talk about previous programs and what they remember about them and how they felt.



Success Measure: When you see Educators reflections on work and the children’s reflections

By When: ASAP 2019

Progress Notes: